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all shows with SPOONBOY

6/19-22 - PIX FEST - just Spoonboy and our band together... no solo Erica Freas set

6/23 - MILWAUKEE, WI - 6pm @ Cocoon Room (820 E Locust St.) w/ Chung Antique, Parasol, Bastard Cat, Geore Anachev

6/24 - MINNEAPOLIS - 9p @ Hexagon Bar (2600 27th Ave) w/ Anonymous Choir, Marbelle, Red Sea (21+)

6/25 - MINOT - 6:30pm @ Pangea House (110 1st St. SE) w/ Chapstick

6/26 - MISSOULA - VFW Hall with Slow Glass

6/27 - YAKIMA - @ House Show w/ Jez from These Guitars Say Sorry (e-mail for address)

6/28 - SEATTLE @ Hollow Earth (2018A E Union St) w/ Hedge Hag

6/29 - PORTLAND - 3p @ Katie O’Brien’s (2809 NE Sandy Blvd) w/ Kepi Ghoulie, Dog Party, Pets


for updates and changes go here:

JUNE 2014

6 - missoula, MT @VFW

8- minneapolis, MN @ shit biscuit w/ DISHPIT, BABEQUEST


10- detroit, MI @ trumbullplex w/ SPOONBOY, COLOUR ME WEDNESDAY,

11- pittsburgh,PA

12 - philly, PI @ the Golden Tea House w/ 1994!, THIN LIPS , & QUIT

13 - brooklyn, NY @Death By Audio w/ SHELLSHAG, BENNY THE JET RODRIGUEZ

14- boston, MA @7pm, Allston w/ CONGRATULATIONS message us for details

15- worcester, MA @ Distant Castle w/ OJ, and Yippee (with an exclamation point?)

16- pawtucket, RI @400 main street. All Ages w/FUNERAL CONE, SECRET LOVER w/FUNERAL CONE, SECRET LOVER


18- washington DC @ the rocketship

19- athens, ohio @ The Smiling Skull w/THE FURY

20- bloomington, In- PLAN-IT-X fest

21- bloomington, In- PLAN-IT-X fest

22- bloomington, In- PLAN-IT-X fest

23- asheville, NC @ static age records

24- savannah/ atlanta, ? help!

25- atlanta / savannah ? help!

26- athens, georgia

27- chattanooga - DOYAHEARWE

28- chattanooga - DOYAHEARWE

29- chattanooga - DOYAHEARWE

30- little rock, AK - @ Vino's w/ DIVORCE HORSE

JULY 2014
1 - columbia, missouri @Diva Haus w/ TBA

2- kansas city @Pointless Forest w/ NATURE BOYS

3- denver, CO

4- salt lake city, UT

5- boise, ID@ The Crux w/ TBA

6- portland, OR

5/30/14 - ..coff....coff... RUMBLETOWNE UPDATE

Whoa people... we've been gathering dust over here.


- ITEM ONE: We desperately (have you noticed) need to fix our website. We've had offers, if that was you, THANK YOU. I can't find the emails and I'm ready to make this a reality, if any of you have those skills and want to help, we want to ACCEPT!!!!!!!!!

- RVIVR is writing and will record with PHIL DOUGLAS in JUNE (we are three songs in, out of five), our dear friend CHRIS BAUERMEISTER is gracing us with bass for this EP which will be released on both RTR and YOYO in the Fall in conjuction with RVIVR's 4th (!!! time flies !!!) European Tour and a couple NY shows... and the Gainesville Fest. Hello?!

- DOGJAW & SHARKPACT are embarking on a kickass tour that starts TONIGHT and goes all the fuck over including Do Ya Hear We (Chattanooga) and PIX FEST (Bloomington)

This is cut from their FACEBOOK PAGE (

5/30th 2014 --Seattle, WA @ Cockpit w/ AGATHA, SEASIDE TRYST, SASHAY
6/1 - olympia, WA TOUR KICKOFF!!! @Palace Flophouse w/SAME SELF
6/6 - missoula, MT @VFW w/TBA
6/8- minneapolis, MN @ shit biscuit w/ DISHPIT, BABEQUEST
6/11- pittsburgh,PA
6/12 - Philly, PA @ the Golden Tea House w/ 1994!, THIN LIPS , & QUIT
6/13 - brooklyn, NY @Death By Audio w/ SHELLSHAG, BENNY THE JET RODRIGUEZ
6/14- boston, MA @7pm, Allston w/ CONGRATULATIONS message us for details
6/15- worcester, MA @ tba
6/16- providence, RI
6/18- washington DC @ the rocketship
6/19- athens, ohio
6/20- bloomington, In- PLAN-IT-X fest
6/21- bloomington, In- PLAN-IT-X fest
6/22- bloomington, In- PLAN-IT-X fest
6/23- asheville, NC @ static age records
6/24- savannah/ atlanta, ? help!
6/25- atlanta / savannah ? help!
6/26- athens, georgia
6/27- chattanooga - DOYAHEARWE
6/28- chattanooga - DOYAHEARWE
6/29- chattanooga - DOYAHEARWE
6/30- little rock, AK - @ Vino's w/ DIVORCE HORSE
7/1 - columbia, missouri @Diva Haus w/ TBA
7/2- kansas city @Pointless Forest w/ NATURE BOYS
7/3- denver, CO
7/4- salt lake city, UT
7/5- boise, ID@ The Crux w/ TBA
7/6- portland, OR

- SHARKPACT also have a new record, split release between DITCHES, STARCLEANER & Rumbletowne. It's called RUN, it's almost done, they should have it on tour. It's fucking good.


- ERICA FREAS and SPOONBOY are touring across the top of the USA in JUNE. Date/Places TBA soon...

- Thank you for your attention, and if you've placed an order and are waiting, I'm sitting next to a stack of packages that will be posted on MONDAY



just go here, it's TOOOO many


((♥ ♥ ♥))

AUGUST 14 WEDS - PHILLY - with Trophy Wife, Aye Nako
at Wolf Cycles (West Philly) 8p $3-7

AUGUST 15 THUR - DC - with Crimson Wave, Wild Honey
at the Rocketship (1223 Decatur St NW) 6:30 $5-7

AUGUST 16 FRI - NYC - with Extra Feeler, These Days
at TOMPKINS (131 Tompkins in Bedstuy - respect this house! amazing people live here)

AUGUST 17 SAT - Boston - with Parasol, Manque
at TBA

AUGUST 18 SUN - Providence - with TBA
at 186 CARPENTER (186 Carpenter St 02903) 7p All Ages


Comin' Right UP!
Saturday July 27 - in the day - Vashon Island Farmer's Market
Saturday July 27 - in the night - 8p (playing 1st) at Northern in Olympia w/ BLEACHED, MORGAN & THE ORGAN DONORS

5/31/13 - RVIVR "The Beauty Between" Out Now!

It's done! On CD or LP. Get it from or send us cash. Thanks!


People of the Internet:
After much adieu and many many many many months of waiting...

We are ready to receive pre-orders for "The Beauty Between"!?!!
Here the details:
We expect to have all the goodies... the INSERTS... the JACKETS... the POSTER... THE VINYL!! by May 17th and we will ship out any orders we receive by May 20th before we leave on tour.

PreOrder Instructions:
You have options...
1. (If you live in the USA) please mail $13.00 hidden cash/money order made out to "Erica Freas" with your order and address to PO BOX 663 OLYMPIA WA 98507
2. (If you live in the USA) paypal $15.00 to and please include your order and full name/address
3. (If you live elsewhere on Earth) - please paypal $35.00 to and please include your order and full name/address

If you want to order more than one record or other RTR releases just email us

RVIVR is playing THREE Record Release Shows in Olympia/Seattle/Portland May 17/18/19 and then doing a quicky West Coast USA & Tijuana tour May 22-26 with the LP ( for updates on THAT SHIT)...

Rock ON

4/23/13 - UPDATES

We are back from tour and taking a short break to move our studio/storage to a new location. Please bare with us and after May 1st you can expect...
- INFO about RVIVR TShirts
- Answers to your questions and emails.

Sit tight, we'll soon return,



Mon. March 18th – Bellingham – @ Makeshift Art Space w/ Totalizer and TBA
Wed. March 20th – Olympia – TBA w/ The Chain, FDB
Thurs. March 21th – Seattle @ Black Lodgicron w/ FDB, Cold Lake, and Body Betrayal
Fri. March 22th – Black Butte – @ BBCRC w/ Fanny, The Bucket Brigade, Saint Lorena
Sat. March 23th - San Franciso - @ Thrillhouse records w/ Piss Test, Violent Change, and No Love.
Sun March 24th - Oakland @ dead rat beach w/ Saint Lorena and Death Drive
Mon March 25th - Santa Barbara @ Biko Garage w/ Luv, Nigel Reed and TBA
Tue March 26th - Flagstaff House show W/ TBA
Wed. March 27th - Pheonix @ Anvil bar w/ Magnum Force, and TBA
Thur. March 28th - El Paso TBA
Fri, March 29nd – San Antonio @ Tipper House, Going Peacefull and TBA
Sat March 30rd – Houston @ East Side Social Center W/ Iskallt Regn, the ex-girlfriends, and ancient gods
Sun March 31th - New Orleans @No House w/ Bitchface and The Smiths
Mon April 1st - Gainesville, Fl or Jacksonville Help
Tues April 2nd - Athens, GA TBA
Wed. April 3rd - Greensborro, NC house show w/ TBA
Thurs April 4th - Richmond VA TBA
Fri. April 5th - Washington DC House Show w/ TBA
Sat April 6th - Philadelphia PA TBA
Sun April 7th - New York @ the Silent Barn w/ TBA
Mon April 8th – Providence – TBA
Tues April 9th – New York – @ NYU- the Kimmel Center w/ Dogjaw and RVIVR 18+ (<--- UM HELLO!!!)
Wed. April 10th – Buffalo – @Polish Library Upper w/ S Gale, Hman Touch Achilliea
Thur. April 11th – Torronto, Pittsburg - TBA
Fri. April 12th - Chicago TBA
Sat. April 13th – Minneapolis @ house show w/ Bellow, Rifle Diet, and TBA


2/25/13 - UPDATES

- <--- Kevy's latest video (WRONG WAY/ONE WAY)


Hey, check out RVIVR's "The Beauty Between" LP page to listen to an mp3 of one of our new songs - LMD!!

You can listen to a better quality stream at

Honestly, they both sound weird to me (swooshy swooshy). It's quite weird to spend so much time mixing and tracking a record then hear a weird steam of it, hah! Can't wait for the LP or CD! Yeah!!!



RVIVR has finished their newest full length LP and is preparing to release it online on Feb 25th at their bandcamp site - - digital pre-orders will be availlable later today.

The Beauty between will be out in physical form on Rumbletowne later in the Spring and available on YoYo Records (Berlin) in March for RVIVR's European Tour with Dogjaw... dates here:

We'll be doing vinyl pre-orders for this release by April, maybe sooner. Keep your eyes wide I guess.

That's the news!


Dear Freaky People of the World:
We've got news.

- Erica Freas "Belly" LP has an end in sight (finally)... the test press has been approved and so we'll see the records in 5-8 weeks (fingers crossed for five). We're still taking pre-orders and the CD is finished and available for mailorder.

- RVIVR!! the new full length is finished and has been sent in to get mastered. It's 44 minutes long. 14 tracks. Yow.

- In March/April 2013 RVIVR & DOGJAW will be touring with this record through much of Europe (dates here: sorry for the FB link...) and a few dates on the East Coast of the USA (probably all on Long Island) Shit! There may be a DOGJAW/RVIVR split 7" on those Europe dates... we'll see...

- Speaking of DOGJAW!!!! <---- these talented fuckers just recorded three Ocean Themed Songs to be released on a split with AGATHA. (mind blown).

- Speaking of AGATHA!!!! <--- these hot shits just recorded four RIPPING TRACKS to be released on a split with DOGJAW. (ooookay).

- Here is a new RVIVR music video by KEVIN RAINSBERRY FILMS: ( It's Spider Song, a track off the new LP!!??!?!?!?!!

- That's that.

11/29/12 - Erica Freas "Belly" now streaming/downloadable ---->

We're still waiting on the CD (mid December) and the vinyl (January 2013), both of which you can still pre-order, but FOR NOW you can listen all you want!!! ... download away!!! Finally!
That's the news.

11/19/12 - Erica Freas in OLYMPIA SATURDAY

on that note:

Erica Freas
Tender Forever
Hot Tears
Time + Temperature (on tour from Columbus, OH)

this show is going to KILL
Saturday Nov 24. 8:30p. $5. All Ages.
at Dumpster Values (302 4th Ave E Olympia, enter via Phantom City Records)

rock the fuck on

11/19/12 - RVIVR in Seattle Nov 25th 2012!!!

Snuggle! Body Betrayal! Prank War! Disparate! Too MANY GOOD BANDS!!

Seattle, WA. Sunday Nov 25th. 8p. All Ages. $$ for a REAL GOOD CAUSE.

at the Black Lodge (secret location on Eastlake, sleuth the address on the internet)

respect the space, don't be a jerk and rock the fuck out to fantastic bands!

<3 <3 <3

9/11/12 - Erica Freas "Belly" LP now available for pre-order!

The tide is high and we're accepting pre-orders!

“Belly” has 10 tracks of Erica's new & used (in RVIVR & Lightnin Round) songs on an acoustic guitar with threads of some special voices, and a little cello.

Recorded in early Spring 2012 and backburner’d until now, we’re hoping to have it out by the end of the year (fingers crossed) and pre-ordering it will help!


Mail us a check/money order made out to "Erica Freas" or hidden cash to:

Erica Freas/Rumbletowne Recs PO Box 663 Olympia WA 98507

$13/LP or $10/cd (within the U$A, email punks@rumbletowne for international orders)

or, if you’d prefer to paypal: make it an even $15/LP or $12/cd and send (with a note so we don’t get confused what you’re paying for) to

Rock on and thanks for your support!


Ok, well not so many updates in truth:

- We brought records around Seattle yesterday - Sonic Boom, Singles, Porchlight, Georgetown Records... if you've been looking for convenience this may just be your window of opportunity.

- BUTTONMAKERS.NET is the jam for punk pin making supplies. They rule, this is a thank you post for their ruling.

- RVIVR is still slowly carving out the new LP. Summer happened and we all split town for travel, work, extended forays into nature, etc... BUT i'm writing from within the Control Room, Matti's doing vocal takes on OCEAN SONG and its pretty chill. Can't give an ETA but probably definitely by WINTER and we'll also do a pre-order situation so keep your eyes peeled if that's your thing.

- Rock

- Erica

7/27/12 - Queer Rock Camp Showcase

Tomorrow, Saturday July 28th!, is the QRC Camper Band Showcase at the Capital Theater in Olympia!
The campers have been working hard since... MONDAY to create bands and perform one song on the stage. It's really special and inspiring:


21 Olympia, WA @ grandma house w/ prank war, BIT PART from france
22 Portland, OR @ MUTANT ALASKA HAVEN HAUS 7817 N. Haven … eviction party? w/ LUNGE, BITPART(oly, fr) PRANKWAR(oly) BATTWAT!
23 Eureka, CA @ house show w/ bitpart
24 Los Angeles, CA @ all different colors warehouse w/moon bandits, Benny the jet Rodriguez, last legs, more @ 1725 East 7th Street Los Angeles CA 90021
25 San Pedro, CA @ tba
26 Phoenix, AZ @ rusty spoke bike collective
27 Flagstaff, AZ @ infest hawkfest!
28 flagstaff, AZ @ infest hawkfest!
29 LA-pomona, CA @ VLHS warehouse
30 Santa Barbara, CA @ BIKO garage w/ summer vacation, hazels wart
31 bay area, CA @ ?
Aug 1 oakland, CA @ sugar mountain w/ huff stuff magazine
aug 2 corvalis, OR


RVIVR entered the studio today to begin their next full length release with the renowned sound engineer "THE JOESTER".

That's the news.

6/29/12 - News Broadcast & Clarification

Heyo People:

To clarify, New Directions Fest is a thing happening in Olympia that some RTR bands & our friends' bands are playing but we're NOT putting it on. One day there will be a RUMBLETOWNE FEST but that day has not yet come.
(tho there is a grapevine that Paul Candy's got a storm brewing for North Portland on August 19th...)

Other news:
RVIVR is a scant week away from beginning to record. We are so excited! There may be 13 songs! They may be mostly all writtten by now! We may be more prepared to record than any of us has ever been and what the fuck will come of that?!?!?!

DIVERS is planning a West Coast tour in Aug/Sept. Coinciding with Northpark Awesome Fest in San Diego.

ERICA FREAS is playing a show with SPOONBOY & ONSIND on their North American Tour in Olympia on July 7th (at 1405 8th Ave SE btw Central & Boundary, 6p, $5) HOT TEARS (Molly from SONGS FOR MOMS is also playing and the show will end early enough to get to the J.O.C.K. tape release show with AGATHA & SOIL)

After a long ass wait the CHIN UP MERIWETHER "Fruition" LP covers are entirely finished and this last run is the most beautiful, finally realizing the art that they were going for from the beginning. On vellum with a layered screenprint.

SHARKPACT toured the West and made it home despite their "new" van completely eating shit and dying three days into the trip. Jeff has decided this brief exploration of vehicle ownership was enough for him and he doesn't need that headache. What a good band. They will tour again soon.

That's the news!

6/20/12 - $$ Queer ROCK Camp 2012 Fundraiser $$

QRC Olympia is fundraising for their 2012 session in late JULY
Thanks to fundraisers like this one their able to offer a week long camp, staffed with unlimited good looking volunteers, safe housing and good food for SIXTY youth for FREE (so that economic background needn't be an obstacle!?!?!?!?!?!)...
Please consider donating to their INDIEGOGO campaign:

6/20/12 - RVIVR | AGATHA | LATTERMAN || Olympia, WA USA

Dear People of the Internet:
Bring your flesh and blood to Olympia WA USA on August 3,4,5 for

here's the lengthy write up...
you can also go here:


New Direction Fest 2012 will be a space for people of the worldwide hardcore and punk community to share experiences, skills, ideas, and information about community organizing and other forms of radical action. This convergence will include live bands, workshops, and speakers engaged in the practical application of the radical ideas and values of hardcore punk. Through these, we hope to inspire and to mobilize one another to form a global network of resistance and a movement for radical change, both within punk and without. Every band performing has experience with political organizing, community projects, and resisting systems of oppression and exploitation. The goal of this fest is to breathe new life into the hardcore tradition of resistance and to push our networks towards a NEW DIRECTION where we can bridge the gap between hardcore values and the application of these values through radical practice.

LATTERMAN (reunion)
OI POLLOI (Scotland)
SKARP (Seattle)
RVIVR (Olympia)
RAPE REVENGE (Calgary Alberta, Canada)
OUTLOOK (Olympia)
ISKRA (Victoria, BC)
VENGANZA (Anaheim)
UGLY PARTS (New Jersey)
REIVERS (Oakland)
LA BELLA (Los Angeles)
ERODE (Tacoma)
DICK BINGE (Olympia)
BRIGADA ROJA (Monterrey, MX)
GRIMACE (Seattle)
CYNAREA (Seattle)
BIG EYES (Seattle)
AGATHA (Seattle)

"A Brief History of Anti-Fascism in Punk" by Rose City Antifa
"Police Reform or Police Abolition?" by Kristian Williams (author of Our Enemies in Blue)
"Current social problems within Punk and how to solve them" Harjit Gill (Institute of Anarchist Studies)
Dismantling Capitalism, Dismantling Patriarchy
Anarchist and Popular Education Panel
Radical Group Healing
Worker Co-operatives
"Labor Struggle in the 21st Century" panel
Oi Polloi discussion, panel, and Q&A session
Guerilla Gardening Field Trip
Consent and Boundary Setting
G.I. Resistance and Coffee Strong

Friday AUG. 3RD 2012 (starting at 4P.M.)- The Midnight Sun (113 N Columbia St. Olympia, WA 98501)

Sat. & Sun. AUG. 4th-5th 2012 - Eagles Ballroom (805 Fourth Ave. E, Olympia, WA, 98506)
Doors & Breakfast @ 9:00am
Workshops @ 10:00am
Bands @ 2:30pm

For more information, to buy pre-sale tickets, and to check out the day-to-day breakdown, visit these websites:



june 2 - olympia @ palace flophouse w/ RVIVR, stillsuit, prank war
june 3 - portland @ red & black w/ potsie, the angries
june 4 - arcata, CA @ the new punk house housewarming show!
june 5 - ?
june 6- oakland, CA @ houseshow w/ wild assumptions
june 7- oakland, CA @ sugar mtn. w/ human waste, glitter wizard, stalins of sound, musk
june 8 - santa cruz @ witchhouse
june 9 - santa barbara, CA @ biko garage w/ catholic spit
june 10 - LA/pomona, CA @ VLHS w/ peanut butter and jammage, cochinas, horror squat
june 11 - flagstaff, AZ @ cottage house w/grog, action star
june 12 - camping!
june 13 - salt lake city @ ?
june 14 - missoula, MT @ zoocity w/ pony time, stickers, skin flowers
june 15 - ?
june 16 - spokane, WA @ marvins gardens house w/ every punk in spokane
june 17 - ?

5/16/12 - FFUUUCKKKK! RVIVR got robbed!!!!

A frustrating fucking thing happened last night:

Someone came in through the backdoor of PUNKALL (our home in Olympia) and stole a bunch of stuff including Erica’s backpack which had the ENTIRE band fund that we’ve been saving from the past year of touring, about $2000 in cash.

So this is a stretch, but better than nothing: The back pack is small, brown (filson fabric), RELoad brand bag with straps (not a messenger bag). It had a journal (with lots of lyrics for the new record!!), yellow knock off rayban styled sunglasses, a hand sewn wallet and a bunch of other non-valuable but important things.Well, and the band fund which was both valuable AND important.

A small red backpack, a red charvel strat style guitar and a checkered backpack were also stolen.

If you’ve got any leads or want to help please email us –

We don’t want to involve the cops, just to get our stuff back. Thanks.

4/27/12 - CeCe McDonald


This woman needs attention, intention and advocacy aimed in her direction.

Please read about her situation and know that this is NOT RARE:

Transwomen (especially Transwomen of Color!) experience some of the nastiest marginalization in our USA culture. CeCe’s fate is in the hands of an ignorant, repressive judicial system and the more attention she gets, the BETTER.

CeCe McDonald (who is a transwoman of color) is facing murder charges for her act of self-defense, with a pair of sewing scissors, against a group of white men who used racial/homophobic slurs and then physically attacked her.
This case has gotten SOME media attention, but NOT ENOUGH.

Her trial begins next week.

20 minute program about the existence of our Transgender population, Trans politics today, and what it means to live outside the binaries of ‘F’ & ‘M’ in a culture that’s not yet acknowledging gender variance:

3/16/12 - Agatha s/t LP is out!

That's right fuckers! Agatha's LP is born!
Order it now before its tooooo llllaaaattttteeee!!!!
And they are hitting the West Coast with Dogjaw...
...who also have a new LP JUST around the corner (like tomorrow?!?!)

Get their new recs at one of these tour dates:
sunday 3/18 - seattle @ 3319 17th ave s. w/ my parade
monday 3/19- portland @ the Know w/ forsorcerssors, and fucking dyke bitches
tuesday 3/20- Davis
wednesday 3/21- Santa Cruz @ Shit House
thursday 3/22- Santa Barbara @ Biko Garage w/
friday 3/23 – San Francisco @Wu's House w/ Mugwort, and more
Saturday 3/24 – Oakland @ Casa Sandinista w/ Neon Piss
Sunday 3/25 – Corvallis @ interzone (1563 nw monroe, corvallis 97330) w/Angries, Dark Beat, and vises
Sunday 26th – Olympia w/ The Smell, Rag Rage

agatha206 at yahoo dot com
dogjawolympia at gmail dot com

2/29/12 - RVIVR T-shirts available online!!

If anyone is wanting a RVIVR T-shirt, you can order them onilne from


1/26/12 - Divers 7" has GONE LIVE

After much anticipation you can now get the new Divers 7"!
Check it out on the RTR site!

and Agatha is right behind so keep your eyes peeled.

1/10/12 - Some Cool Videos!

Check out this movie Kevin from RVIVR made for his niece: featuring Matt and Erica from RVIVR, Joester, Razz’m'tazz, and members of Dogjaw, the Blackberry Bushes, and the Hail Seizures! Holy Fuck! Also the Video for RVIVR's "Life Moves"!

1/6/12 - Sharkpact- "Ditches" LP now online!!

Hello to all -

You can now download or stream Sharkpact's amazing "Ditches" LP for free!!
Don't forget to donate if your feeling so inclined! Thanks!

12/30/11 - Pipsqueak "Fowl Hymns" LP

Now you can listen/download the
Pipsqueak "Fowl Hymns" LP

12/21/11 - Massive Updates!!

Out in the next month:
Divers 7" - Members of Drunken Boat! Two beautiful songs! Killer debut recording <3
Agatha LP - Finally! A full length record from these smart, sassy fuckers!
Both releases have hand screened covers and were recorded by the Joester

We are distroing PIPSQUEAK's new LP "Fowl Hymns"!
Pipsqueak (Oroku, Snuggle, Kohosh) are a two piece acoustic guitar & cello from Seattle.
Their songs are fierce, sad and clever. Incredible art by artists in the PNW USA area.
$12 ppd from us. Also available via Ms. Valerie Park:

RVIVR is resting for the winter and has shows coming up in January when our NEW BASS PLAYER: FRANKY PAOLI
goddamn! What a fuckin relief!

Rock on forever!

12/13/11 - DIVERS On Tour!

Tues dec13. Bellingham, wa @ Cabin Tavern with Livingston Seagull
Wed dec14 seattle @ galway arms
Thurs dec15 olympia @ 1325 westbay drive with sloths, box, and soil
Fri dec16 san fran @ the li po lounge with burgers
Sat dec 17. Oakland. Divers arent on this show. Company, street eaters, others @ mama buzz
Sun dec18 stockton ca @ bradleys bar
Mon dec19 sacramento ca @ the press club

11/21/11 - News & New Releases

There are exciting things on the horizon:

RTR012 - SHARKPACT "Ditches" LP
This is a split with SHARKPACT's own label, Ditch Records. The music was erased with the fail of the Joester's ancient recording board. Awaiting the solution to that problem, we have not yet made the digital version available here. Members of Hail Seizures, Chin Up Meriwether!, Mutoid Men.

RTR013 - Divers 7"
Divers is newish, out of Portland, OR and seriously good. Members of Drunken Boat. Anthemic. Rocking. Beautiful.
We're looking at mid-December in time for their tour (crossed fingers) stay tuned for tour dates.

RTR014 - Agatha s/t LP
Finally. This recording gives chills. Should be out by the end of December.

DOGJAW is recording a full length that is close to finished.
We're still talking Lightnin' Round
RVIVR is planning to record in the Spring with our BASS PLAYER FOR FUCKING KEEPS: Franky Paoli from the band SONGS FOR MOMS. We seriously win.

9/11/11 - AGATHA TOUR DATES - Happening NOW

Sept 8th – Olympia - @ Labia Majora
Sept 9th – Seattle @ Healthy Times Fun Club w. RVIVR, Dog Jaw, Ratbite
Sept 10th - Missoula @ zootown arts w/ goddamittboyhowdy and Margie Pepper
Sept 12th - Minneapolis @ Modern Times w/ visitor, children of euler, and TBA
Sept 13th - Milwaukee
Wed Sept 14th - Detroit @ Rumbleplex
Sept 15th - Buffalo @ Sug City W/ Mayday!, Coworkers, Mallwalkers
Sept 16th – New York @ Manifesta Loft W/ Aye Nako, Dirty Marquee, Nude Beach
Sept 17th - new york @ 538 Johnson w/ Tit Fit, Doll Fight!, Thomas Francis Takes His Chances, Slotrust
Sept 19th – Portland, ME
Sept 20th – Boston OR Rhode Island
Sept 21st – D.C
Sept 22nd - Pittsburgh (TWO SHOWS WITH RVIVR, 1 All Ages, 1 Bar Show)
Sept 23rd – Athens, OH
Sept 24th - Kansas City
Sept 25th - Denver @ Chella Novella's House w/ shakes, boot and rally and TBA
Sept 27th - Flagstaff @ Cottage House
Sept 28th – San Francisco maybe with Dogjaw
Sept 29th - Oakland w/ Dogjaw!
Oct 1st – Arcata

9/11/11 - Mailorder Update - Leaving town til Nov 15th!!!

If we don't receive your orders before Wednesday... we will not be able to fill them until we return from tour in November. Thanks always for your support.

9/4/11 - Chin Up Meriwether & Sharkpact Tour Dates (HAPPENING NOW!!!?!!)

August 17th: Spokane,WA @ 1809 east 1st
August 21st: Billings?
August 22nd: Fargo, ND @ the aquarium w/ SHELL SHAG, the ARRIVALS
August 23rd: Minneapolis, MN @ paper moose 945 broadway
August 24th: Winona, WI @ latch island w/ frosef and more
August 25th: Chicago @ kedzie st house w/ big soda
August 26th: Bloomington, IN @ Old Ft. Wayne – 1020 w. 7th st.
August 27th: Louisville, KY @ 1113 Logan St.
August 28th: Akron, OH @ Annabell’s (782 w market) w/ RIVERBURNERS and ARM THEM ALL
August 29th: Athens, OH @ browntown (35 brown st) 7pm
August 30th: Pittsburgh, PA @ 30/30 house
August 31st: Buffalo, NY @ 92 bird ave the bird house
September 1st: Ithica, NY @ Ghostcat Coop w/ ATTICA ATTICA
September 2nd: Montpellier,Vermont @ Bike Co-op
September 3rd: Portland, ME @ Poland Ave house
September 4th: Worcester, MA @ 11 forbes st.
September 5th: Brooklyn, NY @ LULU’s (113 Franklin St) w/ the fish
September 6th: NYC @ rooftop show!
September 7th: Philadelphia, PA
September 8th: Lancaster, PA
September 9th: Baltimore, MD @ bell foundry (1539 N Calvert St) w/ alex and the imagnary friends, more
September 10th: Washington DC (silver spring)
September 11th: Richmond, VA
September 12th: Durham, NC
September 13th: Asheville, NC
September 14th: Chattanooga, TN @ anarchtica
september 15th: Atlanta, GA @ poop party house (227 wilber ave) w/ the HEATHENS
September 16th: Athens, GA @ las cochitas w/ KREAMY LECTRIC SANTA, WADE BOGGS
September 17th: talahassee, FL @ house show tba
September 18th: New Orleans

Sept 19 : Austin, TX
sept 20: Los Cruces, NM w/ SHANGaLANG and HOLY SHIT
sept 21: Tuscon, AZ
sept 22: Flagstaff, AZ @ cottage house w/ GROG
sept 23:LA
sept 24: Santa Cruz @ witch house
sept 25 Bay Area, CA
sept 26: northern CA
sept 27: Portland, OR

8/29/11 - New Music Streaming!

Yo people!
I uploaded the Demo for our friends' band DOGJAW.
If they are trying to get you to book them a show for their upcoming tour:
DO IT!! they're so good.

8/3/11 - Updates GALORE

Well just when you thought we'd fallen off the face of the earth:

- RVIVR is touring US/Europe this Fall and has a kickstarter to help fund the airfare across the sea. Also, we're currently recording a two song 7" to be released on YoYo Records ( for the tour. At least go watch the movie that Kevin Rainsberry made... and there's some special incentives including colored vinyl-
Check out the tour dates as they become solid:

- Upcoming Releases!
Full Length LPs by Agatha & Sharkpact
We also repressed 500 more RVIVR s/t LPs, this time with jackets printed by Righteous Indignation out of Long Island ( which may seem boring to y'all since they're not handmade but we are SERIOUSLY excited not to labor over the Vandercook... yessssssssssss

There's also a rumor about a Lightnin Round LP of the compiled recordings from the past four years... we'll believe it when we see it

Well, fuck!
Peace out!

6/28/11 - back in business

Hey Peops:
So, back from a seriously cool tour with RVIVR and trying to get RTR back in order some things have come to my attention:
Some of your orders got confused in our chaos before leaving and so this is a shout out:
If you're still waiting PLEASE send us an email (punks at letting us know your situation and we'll figure it out asap. We are just not so organized over here but we TRY.

In other news:
- We DON'T have t-shirts for sale via this website, there will usually be some at shows though so that's your best bet. (And No Idea has had some RVIVR t-shirts in the past, they may still)
- We have some new records cooking

Thank you to all the amazing, intelligent, thoughtful people who put RVIVR up, booked us shows in good-feeling spaces, talked to us about real shit, challenged us and made us remember how music is a super-powerful way to connect with each other and know ourselves better. Fuck yes!

Peace out!
Send us letters!

4/13/11 - HEADS UP! Joester Sessions Pre-orders! Tomorrow!

Yo People!

So Matt & I are leaving on tour Friday and the pre-orders WILL ship before we drive our asses out of Olympia. This also means that if we haven't received yours yet... well you'll have to wait til we return on May 1st.
We are accepting last minute paypal orders if you wish:
$13 - US
$15 - Canada
$20 - UK/Australia
(elsewhere, please email and we'll try to negotiate it before we go)

you can pay us at and PLEASE include all relevant order info as a note on your payment.
peace out and see you in the fuckin pit!!!!!

3/31/11 - Shirts Finally In!

YO! We finally got our shirts.
Our friend Cinder at Defiance Screenprinting did a fucking pristine job on them ( They are sweat free, non-american apparel, union made, brightly colored, soft and punk as motherfuck! Ok, so order away and email us with any questions.

3/2/11 - RVIVR is looking for a new BASS PLAYER!!!

RVIVR wants a Woman who:

- Likes/loves RVIVR
- Lives in or will move to Olympia
- Can play bass or guitar and/or is willing to learn how to play tight and fast
- Wants to be in a band that practices regularly and will go on several tours a year of varying length

please send an email to if yer interested
yo xo

1/30/11 - Shirts, PAYPAL and Refiltered

Three New Things on the HORIZON:
1. We have put in an order for RVIVR t-shirts.
There will be colors. There will be sizes. They will be available for order from this website.
We're starting with the tried and true Lungs design that many of you know already and we've got a new design up our sleeves as well.
As before: printed by Defiance Screenprinting on sweat-free shirts (

2. Our friend Dave who runs If You Make it ( just created a database that links to five labels that do free/donation downloads of their releases, including ours:
For now it will just lead you back to this page, it's going to be rad once it's finished!

3. We decided that we're going to start accepting PayPal for orders in the U$A.
It'll take a few weeks to build the shopping cart thing that'll measure out postage etc, but it's coming and we're into it.

We still will be happier when people take the time to write a little note and order with sneaky cash.
And the argument against relying solely on credit/debit as a means for exchange still stands:
Every time any of us use our credit/debit card those companies get a slice, a percentage, a fee and we forget how to function without them. At this point we've decided that we'd rather remember that for ourselves, write it up here on the website and in interviews as often as we can AND make our records available more easily to whoever wants to order them.
Please write us with comments or questions, hey write us in a damn letter ok?
Support your local Post Office people! It's a dying resource!

Ok? Ok!
peace and elbow grease, fuckers!
x erica

1/6/11 - Derailer Benefit 7" Update

Yo People!
Well, we just cut a check for the Derailer Bicycle Collective in Denver for $717.00 which brings the total money raised for them to $975.00!! $55 of that was your paypal donations for downloading the Derailer 7" from this website. Thank you everyone for your help and support.

11/18/10 - DIRTY WATER EP!!

Hey! RVIVR's Dirty Water EP is now available for donation download! It is also streaming. Check it out!!

Coming Soon - RVIVR "joester sessions '08-'10" - collecting the Dirty Water EP, the Life Moves 7" and the Derailer 7" on one beautiful record. yeah!

10/23/10 - We're back!!

... in Olympia!!
So all of you who ordered while we were away, you'll be getting your records soon and thank you!!
Tour was killer, No Idea ( will have a FEW copies of the the RVIVR "Dirty Water" EP (on YoYo Records - soon, and we'll be looking forward to putting out the RVIVR Collection 12" by the end of the year.

Also, the Pipsqueak "Fowl Hymns" LP is in the works, long overdue and really amazing.
And we're sold out of the GLue! 7" congradulations if you got that beautiful relic of a lost band.

Thank you all you people who made the tour in Europe unbelievably awesome, we can't wait to do it again.
Fuck it!! It's good to be home!! Peace!!

9/23/10 - NEW RVIVR EP!!

Hey Freaks! The new RVIVR EP "Dirty Water" is out in Europe on Yo Yo Records ( Five new songs including a cover of Shellshag. We're touring it through Europe, the UK and Iceland before we come home and release it in the states. We'll post a stream of one of the songs as soon as we get access to a computer that can handle that. Fuck yeah! It came out good!

9/17/10 - RVIVR Europe Tour Dates

22.09. Hamburg @ Flora
23.09. Berlin @ Sub
24.09. Jena @ Cafe Wagner
25.09. Wiener Neustadt @ Triebwerk
26.09. Pöllau @ Club81
27.09. Zagreb @ AKC Medika
30.09. Toulon @ Jolly Rogers
01.10. Lyon @ Grrrnd Zero
02.10. Toulouse @ Vespa
03.10. Paris @ Le Tunnel
04.10. Brighton @ Hobgoblin
05.10. Derby @ Big Blue Coffee Shop
06.10. Sunderland
07.10. Manchester @ Star & Garter
08.10. Leamington @ Robbins Well
09.10. London @ Windmill
10.10. Swansea
11.10. Bristol @ The Croft
12.10. Caen
13.10. Lille @ Le Detour
15.10. Köln @ Aetherblissement
16.10. Braunschweig @ Nexus
17.10. Giessen @ AK44

Read more:

9/10/10 - Doomhawk Available for Download!


9/10/10 - Agatha's Touring the West!

Sept 14th - Seattle @ the Knockout w/ Pony Time
Sept 15th - Olympia @ the Red House w/ Shark Pact
Sept 16th - Portland @ Dekum Manor w/ Here Comes a Big Black Cloud
Sept 18th - Black Butte @ Black Butte Center For Railroad Culture w/
Tesseract and Speed of Darkness
Sept 19th - Davis @ TBA
Sept 21st - San Francisco @ BART generator show
Sept 22nd - Oakland @ Cyrstal Heart w/ Femteen and Songs For Moms
Sept 23rd - San Jose @ hijinx house - CANCELLED
Sept 24th - Santa Barbara @ the Pink Mailbox
Sept 25th - San Diego @ the Che Cafe
Sept 26th - Tuscon @ Zach's house
Sept 27th - Flagstaff @ the Cottage House
Sept 28th - Albuquerque @ Winning Coffee
Sept 29th - Denver @ Blast-o-mat
Oct 1st - Salt Lake City @ The Brigantine
Oct 2nd - Missoula @ ZACC Basement
Oct 3rd - Spokane @ TBA w/ Harpo and Iji
Oct 4th - Bellingham @ The Cabin Tavern

Contact them at: Agatha206 at Yahoo dot com

9/10/10 - And We're Gone!

Hey People!
Matt and I are going to be out of the country until October, 23.
Any orders we receive before we leave we will mail out.
If we receive your order after Tuesday, Sept 13, you'll just have to wait until we return.
Thank you, as always for your kindness and support.
Fuck yeah!

9/10/10 - We're back!!

Thank you to C Nel for fucking rocking the web support.
We're back on!

8/26/10 - Uh... I fucked up the website, sorry people

hold tight, we'll get it back asap... bummer

8/26/10 - RVIVR Tour Update!

8/30 - Tacoma – 301 E 25th St
8/31 – Seattle – Healthy Times Fun Club
(email: healthytimesfunclub at for directions or last minute call 206-422-5387)
with Screaming Females, TACOCAT
9/2 – Oakland – House Show
with Songs for Moms, Mugwort
9/3 – San Luis Obispo -TBA
9/4 – Northpark Awesome Fest - ex-Radio Room, San Diego CA
9/6 – San Francisco – BART Generator Show or House Show
9/7 – (We could use help on this one, we want a good show in Southern OR/Northern CA)
9/8 – Portland – at the Grindzebo in South East 6p-10p
with Hello Shitty People, Frozen Teens, Nature Boys
Brooklyn, NY
9/16 – LuLus – FREE – 21+
with Bridge & Tunnel
9/17 – House Show – All Ages – $5
with Little Lungs, The Fish, The Measure
9/18 – Long Island – The Ethical Humanist Building
with our new 5 song EP!!!
9/20 – 10/26
Germany! Austria! Croatia! Slovenia! Italy! France! UK! Iceland!
Dates and Places TBA!!!!!!

8/15/10 - RVIVR's new EP

RVIVR just finished recording a new 5 song EP to be released by YoYo Records out of Berlin.

For updates on RVIVR shows and the upcoming Tour in Europe:

7/3/10 - HOOKY'S Last Dance

Come out for this last minute, last chance blow out!
One final show to raise $$$ for an old band debt.
We will have demos and we'll only play the hits!

--- No Olympia Show!! ---

Friday July 9th - Seattle, WA
FBK (on Ellis Ave S in Georgetown)
with the Shakes, the Mark Sparkles
and AGATHA - 7" release!!!!!!!

6/28/10 - Agatha - Nothing is Static 7"!!!

Alright!! This shit is fresh off the presses!!
Check out the new Agatha 7"!!
These kids are going to do a little regional record release in the next few weeks, we'll post about it so you can pick it up from them if you wish.
Otherwise, order it up!

6/9/10 - HEY FREAKY PEOPLE!!! We're almost home!!

just a little annoucement that we'll be home TOMORROW NIGHT. Back to Olympia! Thank you for your patience all you kind people who mailordered from us while we were on the road, you'll receive your parcels soon! xo erica

5/17/10 - RVIVR Tour Dates Updated!

Find them here:

4/10/10 - WHAT THE FUCK!? The New Website!

There's some things you need to know:
You can download almost everything we've put out.
Please download the whole record if you so choose.
It's a Zip file with all the songs in the right order and cover art.
Aural and visual enjoyment! Why would you want to break up such composition?
Use the paypal button on each release to donate for your downloads.
Donate what you will.

If you'd like to order real vinyl records (or a shirt or anything you can hold in your hands) please order it the old fashioned way, through mailorder.

You can read about our decision to switch to this new way up there by "what's the deal?"
Okay? Okay!
Thank you so much for all your love and support of homemade punk rock!!!!!!!
xo Erica & Matt

2/5/10 - 2/3/2010



2/5/10 - 2/1/2010

yo. you may have noticed the website was down for a few days there.
thanks for not hacking into our mainframe, we know little more than shit about how to manipulate our website.
so it goes.

RVIVR started a site where you can check out upcoming shows, tour dates, whatever:
so check that out if it's interesting to you.

Cool. See you in the future. x

2/5/10 - 1/24/2010

hey happy new year.

Agatha (Seattle) just recorded their 7" with the Joester.
They're closing in on the final mix and hope to tour with it in late March.
A 4 song EP of rough, tough 90's sounding punk rock, soo good.

And we're deep into the RVIVR LP recording.
Almost done with the basic tracking and Phil Douglas from Long Island is occupying our control room making magic and drinking keystone tea. It's gonna be SICK!

Also, we've got our dear friend C-Nel on the task of a new website, so get ready for this shit to be easier and more accessible, (let alone more handsome), in the near future.

Besides all that, our mailorder is kicking, so order up!
Also, if you run a small (or any size) distro or record shop and want to order wholesale from us, we do that, too. And thanks to all you folks who keep offering up places for RVIVR to play on the East Coast.
We're really excited to get out there and are going to start booking tour really soon.
yeah! - erica

2/5/10 - 12/1/2009

Alright, look, we just got back from tour and it was rad.
Thank you to everyone who booked us a good show and made sure we had food to eat.
Also thank you to our van, the Red Van, for running so damn well.

We've got some news:
- Mutoid World is ready to go, order away!
$12 ppd in a beautiful full-color gatefold designed by Bubz. Check out the art on the releases page.
Dang! This shit's hot!

- RVIVR's Life Moves 7" is SOLD THE FUCK OUT!!
It's actually kind of a bummer... No Idea ( still has them if you're looking.

- Actually, all our releases are available at No Idea which can be helpful if you need to pay with a card over the internet (i.e. from outside the U.S. or if you're scared of waiting for our turnaround time and don't want a personally wrapped package direct from our living room...)

- You wanna buy a RVIVR T-Shirt? Well we got them!
We're going to put up pictures, but in the meantime...
$15 ppd - "RVIVR" screened above an image of lungs in bold white.
We've got Youth Large, Small, Large and Extra Large on sweatshop-free black t-shirts.
We'll throw in a patch for free.

2/5/10 - 10/30/09

1. Check out the updated RVIVR tour dates below.
2. There has been an art delay for MUTOID WORLD. So it goes: All pre-orders will be sent out at the end of November. BUT! Pre-release special spray-painted versions of MUTOID WORLD will be available on RVIVR's upcoming west coast tour.
3. Check out the Chin up Meriwether! song on the releases page.

2/5/10 - 10/05/09


MUTOID WORLD IS ALMOST HERE! Mutoid Men's "Mutoid World" LP will be out in early November and we are taking fucking pre-orders!!! 10 songs of crazy moog keyboards, fucked up guitar solos and robot/space madness!!

Send us 10 bucks to get yours as soon as it comes out plus a special surprise! We'll post the album art and track list soon, but for now check out the two songs on the releases page! IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.

Chin Up, Meriwether's full length LP - Fruition - is also available for pre-order.
30 minutes of catchy, queer punk rock with fantastic lyrics and beautiful presentation.
Same deal: send us $10 and we'll get them in the mail as soon as they're complete...


RVIVR is doing a short tour in November. Here are the tentative dates:

11/5 - Olympia, WA @ Rainy Day Records
11/6 - Seattle, WA @ FBK
11/7 - Spokane, WA @ The Cretin Hop
11/8 - Missoula, MT @ The Lab
11/9 - Bozeman, MT - in the basement of the Trade Building on the MSU campus
11/11 - Denver, CO
11/12 - Denver, CO @ The Blastomat
11/14 - Flagstaff, AZ @ C Street
11/15 - Phoenix, AZ @ sweets and beats
11/16 - San Diego, CA @ the Radio room
11/17 - Pomona, CA @ Joey's BBQ (18+ - oh SoCal....)
11/18 - Santa Cruz, CA @ The Bike Church
11/19 - San Francisco, CA @ 29th and Mission (above bike shop)
11/20 - Oakland, CA @ Julia's House
11/22 - Ashland, OR @ Stillwater
11/23 - Portland, OR @ The Know

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Dogjaw + Agatha SPLIT We are tethered. Our horses ride together. I'm not a girl. Except when I am.
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The Beauty Between
14 tracks
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Erica Freas
10 tracks
Erica Freas Release. Relief. It will EAT you. This stomach will digest you. Casual swearing. (Order Away! This record is now available for mail order!)
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Slow to Build LP
11 tracks
Dogjaw. What?! A witchy whisper amplified thru the blood tunnel of this grunge-styled punk band. Yes.
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8 tracks
Raise em high/Let it hang/Clinch your fist/And Sissy, Dang
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2 tracks
What the Fuck?! After you hear this recording, Divers' live show will KILL YOU. Glass Chimes features vocals by Erica Freas (of RVIVR, Lightnin Round) Punk. Rock & Roll. But NOT punk-rock & roll... Get it? Get it.
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10 tracks
A duo of freaky pop punk sirens from Olympia. Keyboards and drums. Wailing vocals.
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The Joester Sessions Collection LP
11 tracks
Re-release of the RVIVR's first two 7"s and the Dirty Water EP?!?!?!?!!! FUCK!
Listen here!
Dirty Water EP
5 tracks
5 song EP recorded this summer. Out now on Yo Yo Records (Berlin)
Listen here!
Nothing is Static EP
4 tracks
Not Gay as in Happy. Queer as in Fuck You. People! Hailing from Seattle these kids bring 90's styled, RiotGrrrrl hard core. Their lyrics are angry and hopeful, dissecting identity and carving out a place to exist in the world.
Listen here!
12 tracks
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Mutoid Men
Mutoid World
10 tracks
Particle-Accelerated. Moog Synthesizer. Scientific Rock'n'Roll. Fuck You Guitar Riffs. Like nothing else you've ever heard. Don't try the Devo comparison.
Listen here!
Chin Up, Meriwether!
Fruition LP
12 tracks
This power trio has been making energetic, inspiring music for years. They're tight, technical and get stuck in your head. The name is a nod to Meriwether Lewis' closeted desire for Clark, his partner in trailblazing.
Listen here!
Derailer Benefit 7inch - SOLD OUT
2 tracks
SOLD OUT! - No Longer Available for Mailorder! - Thank you to everyone who ordered this record! One beautiful, triumphant pop punk song. Complete with whoa-ohs, horns, and sad serious lyrics. Backed with a version of the song Real Mean.
100% of the label profits go to benefit the Derailer Bicycle Collective in Denver, CO.
Listen here!
Glue! - SOLD OUT!!
s/t EP
5 tracks
NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR MAILORDER!! punk. weird. lots of faces. fuck yeah.
Listen here!
Life Moves EP - SOLD OUT!!
4 tracks
NOT AVAILABLE FOR MAILORDER - DOWNLOAD ONLY 4 song ep. pop punk. (both of us are in this band so it's hard to write a description...) this recording has garnered such comments as "this makes me feel like i could take on the government!" or "i don't like pop punk but this is pretty alright..." it's good.
Listen here!
s/t EP
4 tracks
Doomhawk! Fantastic. Calliopic. Queer. Metal. Long Gone and Sorely Missed.
Listen here!
12 tracks
The Boydz. R.I.P. The long awaited full length, post-mortem. 12 solid songs recorded by the wonderful Phil Douglas with help from the Joester (Left Field Studios) and Matty. A pop punk walk through the panic attack of a world in ruins. Find catharsis in sing-alongs calling out the fucked up power imbalances that we face in this world. Shorebirds was an awesome band made up of awesome people and we were lucky while it lasted.
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Lightnin' Round
2010 CDR
5 tracks
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2007 Demo
6 tracks
RIP Baby 5 killer shows 1 crappy demo
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