Heyo! As always, you can download all the Rumbletowne Releases for free/donation.
Pick any of the bands from the menu above for streaming tunes and downloads.
Why?! We want you to have the music. Download it. Donate or don't.
...because if you really want the rec you'll find it on a torrent site or blog or something
...but if you get it here you don't risk a virus, you get it in the correct album order, with the album art and probably some links on how to find the band.
If you're trying to listen to any of these bands, we want you to succeed. Duh.

Also, many of the records were released before we understood much about .wav vs .mp3 or file size/quality so some of these downloads are pretty crappy... (the vinyl sounds awesome!)... and the more recent releases are getting better files. Live and learn.

Mailorder Bullshit (E02) 

Nearly half the orders have been shipped, not in chronological order it turns out, but rather by weight: heaviest first.
The rest will go out in one week when I'm back in town. Again, apologies for the wait.

Also, many of you who ordered more than one record will be getting a postage refund via your paypal.
Stay tuned.

Mailorder Bullshit 

Dear People

I have a stack next to me of over 100 packed records... 
Thank you for preordering, it really helped us get the record out.
I'm trying to mail them and running into obstacles around their quantity and media mail so they're going out soon but please remain patient while I figure this out. 
Also, I'll be following up with any and all wholesale requests next week.

Alright! To the post office!

... and BACK 

Dear Freaks of the World,

Shit's getting good over here! 
We just got news that the RVIVR "Bicker & Breathe" 12" EP is en route FIVE WEEKS early. How this happened is completely unknown, even by our rep at the pressing plant, bless his heart! STOKED!

So thank you everyone who has pre-ordered! Your records will be going out the week of Nov 17th!

If you wanna catch the record release in the PNW, RVIVR is playing on Nov 15th, 2014 at Obsidian (414 4th Ave, Olympia, WA, USA) with DELAY & DOGJAW... more… Read more

Goin On Tour 

Hey People
I'm leaving on tour with RVIVR and will be back around the 10th-ish of November so your orders won't be shipped until I return. Thanks for your patience, and for your orders! Also I've adjusted the international postage rates for CDs because they weren't accurate, it's $10.00 now instead of $13.00. 

For the RVIVR tour dates go here: www.rvivr.wordpress.com ----> New York, Europe, Spain, UK, Florida ... heyo!

- Erica

More Fixed Downloads 

Heya, just spent the last bit updating a few more of the downloads. Now DOGJAW - SLOW TO BUILD, RVIVR - THE JOESTER SESSIONS, DIVERS - 7" & ERICA FREAS - BELLY are all MP3s with all the proper shit embedded for your downloading pleasure. Hopefully I'll have it all cleared up by next week, I think that's most of the downloads at this point. 

OK? OK! keep the feedback coming


Hey! Thanks to some badass who downloaded the Bicker and Breathe EP and then alerted me that the .wav files weren't working with itunes.... I'VE REUPLOADED the tracks so now the download will be MP3 and should come with the correct labels, art and lyrics etc. 

Please continue to let me know if something's not working or weird. THANKS xoxoxoox 



It's the new RTR SITE!! We've ARRIVED. Geez. 

Now we take paypal. Now the new RVIVR EP is available for pre-order (out in late 2014... December?) Now you can stream and download most of our releases, for free/donation like we like. Now the beautiful, wonderful Chris Nelson has a child (hello Emrys) so we've abandoned the old Drupal site that was creaking and breaking over the past couple years. Oh yea! Wanna download the Agatha/Dogjaw split LP?!?! NOW YOU CAN!! 

I'm happy. I didn't know how to do this… Read more


We got new changes happenin over here at RTR. New site. Taking orders online. New records. New haircut. Not. Stay tuned while we work out the kinks.