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Also, many of the records were released before we understood much about .wav vs .mp3 or file size/quality so some of these downloads are pretty crappy... (the vinyl sounds awesome!)... and the more recent releases are getting better files. Live and learn.

Hot Tears + Erica Freas  Podcast

Breaking News!

Hot Tears "Stronger Lady" 7" is now available, preorders are shipping this week. Thanks for your patience!
Erica Freas + Hot Tears are doing a West Coast Tour in late Sep/Oct. Here's the details:

Tues 9/27 Vancouver at Astoria Hastings (769 E.Hastings St, Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 1R3) / FB
Weds 9/28/ Port Townsend at the Boiler Room / FB

Thu 9/29 Olympia at Obsidian (414 4th Ave) / FB

Fri 9/30 Portland at In Other Words (14 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97211) - Benefit for local…

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Updates !?! 

Hello Rumbletowne People

There are some updates:

- Hot Tears "Strong Lady" 7's will go out to all you preorders (thank you SO MUCH for your support!) in the week of Sep 12th

- Erica Freas "Patient Ones" LP will be out on September 14th via Don Giovanni Records --- preorders available now. These will also be stocked here at RTR but not until later in September

- RVIVR is hitting the WEST COAST TONIGHT with tour dates available on our wordpress 

- I'll be on tour until mid September, all orders are going out now…Read more

SOMNIA / en route to airport 

PEOPLE! SOMNIA is out! Thanks for your support, all records are en route.

I'm off on tour with RVIVR until early August, your new orders will ship at that time


Fixed the RVIVR - Joester Sessions Collection download  Podcast


Just found out (after years of neglect) that two tracks were left off the RVIVR - Joester Sessions Collection download! They're back up now: Resilient Bastard (by Shellshag of Starcleaner Records) and Elizabethan Collar (by James Ewing, the eternal flame forever burning in the heart of the masses). Please! These are great songs, go listen. And if there's ever any mess up like that on here, please tell me! It's like having food in my teeth, I'd rather know so I can do something about it :)

EricaRead more

Special Update : Erica Freas "Tether" 7"   Podcast


There are 25 copies of the Erica Freas "Tether" 7" available for mailorder as of now. This record will also be available at live shows through the year, especially the Freas/Hot Tears North America tour in the Fall !!?!?!? Very excited about what's coming. Stay tuned for dates. 



Happy to report that Bitpart's new full length "Beyond What's Left" is available through Rumbletowne. We only have 100 copies and it's really good so there's your fair warning. Available now for mailorder and to be available at Rainy Day Record in Olympia early next week. This is a split with Destructure Records (Caen, France)

In other news: RVIVR is planning a couple East Coast dates in early July on Long Island, Philly and Brooklyn before heading over to Fluff Fest and some shows in Germany with Jan from…Read more

Distribution Updates ... 

• Real Groovy in Auckland NZ has a spread of Rumbletowne Releases available at non-imported prices
• Jigsaw Records in Ballard WA does too
• We've signed on with The Business Distribution in Anacortes WA which means our records will be making their way into more stores soon. That's very very cool. 

Rock on for now